Learning about the dangers of wildfire in Trent

A Texas Forest Service official from the Merkel office speaks to…
(Read the whole story in the Merkel Mail)

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  1. Jody Binfored says:

    As a landman I travel Texas a lot. Having brekfast this morning at the Country Inn & Suites on Southwest Parkway in College Station, there I was surrounded by Merkel Badgers. And the Mayor of Merkel. I took pictures with my iPhone of the 7-man football team (six in the pic), and one of the Mayor. They were attending a tournament in College Station, and I wanted to take pictures back to our good friend Suzy Bird (born and bred in Merkel) here in Dallas. Then I thought yall might like them, although the quality is not so good. I don’t know how to attach them to this email or this website, but I’ll keep looking. If you wish, email me back and give me an email address I could send them to.

    Go Badgers!

    Jody and Ann Binford

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